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Version 1.0 is out!

Download & Install

Download the latest tarball here: latexcalc-1.0.tar.gz. To install, simply run './configure', 'make', 'make test', 'make install'. Mandatory dependencies are a LaTeX distribution, gcc, flex, bison and make.
Note: the test script currently references /bin/bash. This will be fixed soon. The 'sh' shell runs this script OK but it doesn't look as pretty. You may need to adjust if bash is not installed to /bin on your system.

Binary Packages

Soon we'll have package downloads for Ubuntu and MacOSX! We might port everything to windows if we have time, but right now the only way to run LaTeXCalc on Windows is with cygwin.

Get the Lastest Source

The svn repository may be found at Usually the current snapshots will work fine. To build, run './configure', 'make', optionally 'make test' and 'make install'. If 'make test' results in all tests passing, you've got a working binary.